Your business is important to you, and we understand that. If you are working tirelessly towards something that means a great deal to you, then it makes sense for you to protect it.

What is it you need your business to do for you? We want to help you and your business achieve your goals and ambitions, for your loved ones and for your future.

And what about life after or out with your business? What does your 'dream' look like? As advisers we choose the right financial tools for you, but as lifestyle financial planners, we care about your interests, dreams, and how we can make them a reality for you. After all, there is more to life than work.


‘I want to plan for retirement.’

You are working hard and putting all your effort into your business, but retirement looks a bit hazy? Or perhaps you have started thinking about: 

1. When and how you want to retire

2. Realising the true value of your business

3. What will happen to your business afterwards

4. How you will spend your time in retirement

5. What value you will need from your business to the life you want

If so, here’s why you should get it touch. We’ll help you: 

  • See how your business will phase into your retirement plans
  • Retire and not have to sacrifice your business and the value it holds
  • Start bringing your assets to life
  • Make a more informed decision about your pension(s)
  • Align your business goals to your personal goals for the future 

As part of Murphy Group, clients also have access to our sister consultancy firm Murphy Advisory, which specialises in ensuring business owners remain ‘on’ their business rather than ‘in’ it. Contact us to see how we could add value to you and your business.  

‘I want to be clearer about my investment options.’

For most business owners, their business is their largest asset, and therefore it should be treated as such. With the right advice, investments can help you with your growth plans.

Get in touch if you would like to:

  • Manage liquidity in your business operations
  • Devise the best asset allocation considering any investment areas your business may be exposed to
  • See how your assets could bring greater value-add
  • Manage your portfolio and ensure it is giving you the return you need
  • Make sure your assets are organised in the most tax efficient manner
  • Diversify your portfolio
  • Assess how much risk you and your business are prepared to take on
  • Use your investments to help your business 

As part of Murphy Group, clients also have access to our sister consultancy firm Murphy Advisory, which specialises in ensuring business owners remain ‘on’ their business rather than ‘in’ it. Speak to us to see how we could add value to you and your business.  

‘I want to protect my loved ones, and my business.’

It’s always good to be prepared, regardless of what life may present you with.

We will ensure you, your loved ones and your business are protected should the worst happen. This could include:

  • Ensuring your business can continue to operate in the absence of any Key Persons
  • Protecting your loved ones and making sure that it is done tax efficiently 
  • Protecting your income, to give you and your family security when you become ill or cannot work.

What matters to you will matter to us, because we are here to help you achieve the life you want. Find out how we can help you protect you and what you care about.

‘I want to be tax-efficient’

Tax can be complex when it comes to your personal finances, let alone for your business. It is probably the last thing you would like to think about when trying to run your day-to-day business operations.

No matter how much many of us don't want to think about tax, it admittedly has a huge part to play in all our finances. We'll remove the confusion of financial jargon for you and help you with: 

  • Being more tax efficient within your business
  • Ensuring tax efficiency on any drawings from your business
  • Assessing tax reliefs and exemptions you and your business could be eligible for
  • How you can pass on the legacy of your business and its financial success to future generations with consideration of Inheritance Tax, Capital Gains Tax and Income Tax

Don’t let tax take control of your day-to-day business operations. Speak to us to find out how to take back control.

‘I want to pass my wealth on to those that I care about.’

You’ve worked hard to build a business and a legacy that will help you build a future for your next generation. Why stop there?

It’s important to know what your options are. That's why we think about succession planning in two stages:

Stage 1: How to make the wealth from you and your business last
Stage 2: How to pass your wealth or business on to the next generation

Whilst Inheritance Tax is important, we ensure you and your business are looked after first.

Speak to us to find out how to maximise you and your business’ wealth for future generations.