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Its been a while since I wrote about the importance of reviewing your financial plan but in light of a change to our process it seems like as good a time as any.

We often discuss the best way to organise and arrange client reviews.

We are constantly looking to improve how we deliver this from organisation to the meeting.

Up until now we have used the good old-fashioned letter and telephone, however we have found this can lead to reviews not being done on schedule.

From April we will start using email to arrange your review.

This will include the date and time of your review, any information we require you to bring and a button to either RSVP or change the date and time.

We will follow it up with a telephone call to make sure you received your review invitation in the first instance.

Your review is crucially important to your financial success and achieving your goals.

I am reminded of an example from a book called The Behaviour Gap. Carl Richards is an American Financial Planner who has made a career out of writing for the New York Times, each piece is accompanied by a very simple, back of a napkin illustration to demonstrate the point.

Carl uses the example of a pilot taking off from Los Angeles flying to Miami. If you are half an inch of course when you take off, you will hardly notice when you fly over Las Vegas. Fail to make a course correction, however, and you run the risk of ending up in Maine instead of Miami.

This is just like your financial plan.

Keeping you on track and making constant adjustments to suit you and the environment at the time is what regular reviews are all about.

Plus it gives us the chance to catch up with you and get to know you that little bit better, which can only help.

Please respond to the invitation as soon as possible to confirm your appointment or rearrange for a more convenient date and time.

I hope you will find our new review invitation easier and more convenient than our previous methods.

We are going to continue to improve how we communicate with you and deliver our service.

We want to make our reviews something to look forward to rather than a dry conversation about investments, most of which is irrelevant to your own circumstances.

I would be delighted to get your feedback on any part of what we do, to that end we have created a feedback section on the website here to make it as easy as possible.

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