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Adrian has asked me to write a wee blog for him this week, probably because he has run out of ideas this week. Just to introduce myself, I am Ciaran and I’m currently at the tail end of a summer internship with Murphy Wealth. I am just about to start my fourth year at Glasgow Caledonian University where I study Finance, Investment and Risk.

It was an ambition of mine to achieve some exposure to the financial sector before I graduated so after winning an award that Murphy Wealth sponsor, I managed to get myself an internship for the summer.

Recent regulatory changes in our sector has meant that to be regarded as an Independent Financial Advisor, with the emphasis on independent, a firm must ensure it performs in depth research and due diligence on the funds and investments it offers to clients. This being the case, Adrian brought me in with my main objective being to complete Murphy Wealth’s Due Diligence for the year. This gave me a great insight in to the business and how it all works as well as giving me some exposure to the investment side of things.

I was also involved in the selection of two possible new providers which gave me the chance to sit in on some really interesting meetings as well as seeing how the requirements of IFA’s have changed over the past few years and what it is they now look for in investment partners.

One thing that has become clear to me in my time at Murphy Wealth is that Adrian and the team are very much at the forefront of this industry and where many advisers may be treading water Murphy Wealth are always looking for new innovative solutions that will give clients the best possible service.

As well as my main role I have also completed many smaller tasks including some admin duties and para-planner tasks which has possibly been the most helpful bit of work I have done both for Adrian, I hope, but also myself as it has given me the opportunity to experience a role which could ultimately be my way into this industry after University.

It is a fantastic team here at Murphy Wealth and they are all very easy to get along with, making my time here all the more comfortable. I have really enjoyed my time here and it’s probably for the best that I’m finishing up because the more time I spend here the less I want to go back to university and start my dissertation.

I guess all that’s left to say is a big thanks to Adrian and the team here for giving me great experience in the industry and making my 10 weeks here very enjoyable.

Ciaran Stark

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