A Paradigm Shift: Making the Complex Simple

Making the complex simple is the challenge we have set ourselves to make a paradigm shift in wealth advice. In the last few weeks we have focussed on tax and investments, both of which are important but ultimately no use without great service a clear plan.

We have been giving our clients financial advice for nearly 40 years, and now we want to try and do it better than ever.

Wealth advice, not just financial advice, delivered with a fresh approach and smart ideas, making wealth creation and preservation as easy as it can be.

The individual components that make up your wealth are never going to be at their most effective unless they are looked after by someone who cares, is able to unbundle it all and simplify what is a complex subject.

Too often financial advisers do a brain dump on clients to try and somehow justify their fees, or show how clever they are. I dare say we have all done it at one time or another.

This is wrong. The real value is being able to take all that information, take all the complexity out and deliver something really meaningful to every client.

Don’t get me wrong in a highly regulated industry it is understandable that people want to give every last drop of information available to clients in some kind of back covering exercise, however if what you are getting is almost incomprehensible, then it is less likely you will understand and fully engage with it.

We are working on our own version of elegant simplicity which will bring much greater clarity to you the client.

There are lots of parts to this from the content of our meetings, to our communications and technology (more on that soon), but the most tangible element for you will be our service.

We are genuinely excited about these developments and can’t wait to start speaking to you about them.

I am heading off on holiday next week (snowboarding if anyone is interested), so I am going to leave you in the capable hands of my colleague Neil Law…..please don’t unsubscribe  😉

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