The Simply Wealth app – all your money, in one place

OK, so it’s not Candy Crush. But we think we might have come up with something even better. We’ve just launched the new Simply Wealth app for our clients, which shows all their financial information in a single view. So whether you’re an Apple fanboy/girl, or an Android advocate, you can see your total spending (yikes), investment and property values, the balance of your bank accounts and your total net worth.

Our new animated video shows you how it works. All you need to do is register for the app and enter the details for your various accounts and whatnot. Once that’s all been validated, the app pulls in the live information, which is then updated in real-time, and deletes the account numbers and other sensitive information. We think that last point is key – the app is incredibly secure, so even if someone does manage to hack in, there’s nothing sensitive for them to steal.

Once the live feeds are in place, you get an up-to-the minute view of finances, alongside instant messaging and document store for things like insurance policies, so they’re within easy reach.

We’re very pleased to be the first advisory firm in Scotland to launch the app, in partnership with Moneyinfo, which has developed the platform behind the app for us.

The great thing about this is that it’s a step forward for clients who use professional advisers. It provides even greater transparency in your dealings with us; it’s your money, after all, and if we’re both in possession of all the facts then we can make better decisions together. 

The financial services industry has a history of hoarding clients information and only giving them a glimpse of the whole picture from time to time, we want to democratise this information and put the client back in control.

You might have heard of MIFID2, an EU directive which is intended to improve financial security and transparency across Europe. Among other things, the directive advances the so-called ‘API economy’ in banking, the technology which makes an app like this possible.

The app will be available for iOS and Android devices.

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