We’re in the pink for the next 40 years – come rain or shine

When it comes to the weather, us Scots like to boast about being highly skilled in dealing with whatever comes our way – we’ve had enough practice, after all. We wear t-shirts in the winter and brave the outdoors in torrential rain. But while we love to complain, as a nation we are champions of handling the weather.

We plan for rain at big events (if you’ve ever been to T in the Park you’ll know what I mean) and make sure the cagoule is packed, so as to not succumb to what makes Scotland so verdant and green. But what about the sheer unthinkable? What about a heatwave that goes way beyond ‘taps aff’?

Last Thursday, as we celebrated Murphy Wealth’s 40th birthday temperatures soared into the high 20s and proved that, no matter how well you plan, there’s always something which comes out of leftfield. A scorcher of an evening and under-powered air-con was not in the plan.

However, the party was a great night and the perfect way to launch our new brand and what it means for our clients. We have a new website and new refreshingly simple take on helping business owners manage their wealth.

Post-party, post-after-party, and most importantly post-hangover, such unforeseen eventualities had me thinking of the way we do business. The amount of factors that come in to play in a person’s life, and the potential for these to derail their plans, is something we spend a lot of time thinking about. As well as planning for as many scenarios as possible, giving yourself the flexibility and nimbleness to adapt to changing conditions is a vital part of any financial clairvoyance.

We want to make the process one that is smooth, simple, fun, and which supports rather than gets in the way of what clients want to do.

I’ve yet to meet someone (other than an actuary) who gets excited talking about pensions. I have met people who’d love to buy a boat, a second home, or a weekend sports car in ten years’ time.

If you have your heart set on a classic Alfa Romeo, do you want to talk pensions? Or do you want to talk about how we make sure your kids will be financially independent, and how we get that car in your garage?

Quite honestly, we know very few people care about the minutiae of their wealth – they just want to know it’s being looked after properly. We’re trying to create a business where people feel excited about coming to see us, not where they have a feeling in their gut as if they were going for root canal treatment.

We’re trying to think differently about financial advice. I’m sure when Brian Murphy, founder and chairman of Murphy Wealth (or as I like to call him: dad), launched the company in 1977, he didn’t think of the eventuality that we would paint the office pink, but he’s embracing the evolution of the business with as much enthusiasm as we are. He even seems to like our new (bright pink) office.

Last week’s event was also a great way to celebrate the first 40 years of the company and what dad, and everyone else has given along the way to make Murphy Wealth what it is. We presented dad with the original plaque from outside of the Ayr office back in the day, when the company was “Brian J Murphy Insurance and Financial Services”. Dad was lost for words and it really made me think about how far we have actually come.

We have evolved into what Murphy Wealth is today, and while we have made processes simpler and have changed the way we do things, we still carry that same sense of pride in being able to help our clients live the lifestyle their hard work has helped them to achieve.

Thank you to everyone who attended the event last Thursday and thank you to everyone who has contributed to the company over the last 40 years. To those who couldn’t make it don’t worry: you’re going to hear more from us soon. And we’d love to hear from you.

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