What a year it’s been for Murphy Wealth, but we’re eager for more

It may not be 1st January, but the start of a new financial year is a great time
to take stock and look forward to the next challenge. We’re really pleased
to say we think we’ve done a lot in the last year, and as we stop for a breath (only for a second, mind you) to reflect on the past 12 months, we’ve certainly been kept on our toes.

From launching our new Simply Wealth App, which will help our clients take greater control, to completely transforming the way we charge fees, we’ve been making important changes to our business to support those entrepreneurs that, like us, there’s just no stopping.

We also took the time to really understand what makes an entrepreneur tick, hopefully you caught one of our three videos or read or Real Entrepreneurs paper. We learned so much about what life is like in the fast lane, from what keeps entrepreneurs awake at night, to finding out that failure actually
is an option and one that helps them grow and learn.

And it really doesn’t stop there. In what is one of the most exciting points
in our history, we’ve got more up our sleeve to prepare us for a period
of growth, as we aim to double the size of Murphy Wealth in the next year. Phew.

Throughout 2017 and into 2018, we’ve placed a focus on our staff and increased our headcount by five, taking the firm to thirteen employees in total
– up from seven last year. And like any growing family, with further employee growth on the horizon, we’ve decided it’s time for a move.

But we’re not talking about a leafy, detached home in the suburbs like a lot
of growing families. We’re about to sign the lease on a much larger, more stylish office in Glasgow city centre, which we’ll develop into a collaborative space for the firm and our clients, room enough for up to 30 of us, and the new home of Murphy Wealth.  

As if an exciting move wasn’t enough, we also want to inspire the next generation of advisors by launching a graduate programme with Glasgow Caledonian University. Working with its investment and risk department,
we aim to attract new talent (of which we know there’s a lot in Scotland)
into the advisory industry.  

As Murphy Wealth continues to grow in Glasgow, we’ve made - and will continue to make - big changes, and certainly changes that are outside the comfort zone of many other companies of our kind in the industry.  

Just like the forward-thinking, enthusiastic people we advise and work with (who truly do inspire us every day) we’ve huge ambitions of our own for the company’s future. Our drive has been underlined by the recent investments we’ve made into the business, and our vision of keeping things simple for our clients will always remain a priority.  

We like to think we’re a different type of business. We’re only as good as the last bit of advice we give, but we also know that as our customers do well, we’ll do well too. Over the next few months, we look forward to taking more exciting steps and launching some new initiatives which are very different for our business.

We’re excited to see what the next few months have in store for us.
We’re confident our progress, combined with our ambitious goals and dedication to our clients will continue to drive Murphy Wealth forward,
and at quite a pace.  

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