On Friday 16th August, we joined forces with social enterprise Brewgooder to throw an evening of craft beer, Baffo pizza, and music from our live DJ on the rooftop terrace. What a night to make a difference! 

Despite the weather being slightly temperamental...it was nothing a gazebo and a couple of parasols couldn't hide us from. 

There were also QR codes dotted around the office, making it super easy for our guests to donate on their phones whilst also drinking their beer! Now that seems Refreshingly Simple. 

5 Years of Clean Water

It's easy to take clean water for granted, especially in Scotland. Therefore, it is amazing to think that the beer poured on Friday night will provide more than 8 people in Africa with at least 5 years of clean water!  A huge thank you to everyone that contributed to this.

About Brewgooder 

Brewgooder work to bring clean water to communities in Africa. They don't just help with the bare essentials of existence but also empower communities to make radical, transformative steps themselves to lift themselves out of poverty and into a better life. In early 2016, Brewgooder set out on a simple mission - to provide clean water for 1,000,000 people through the power of craft beer by donating 100% of our profits to clean water charities. Read more here: https://www.brewgooder.com/

A Natural Collaboration

When Murphy Wealth CEO Adrian Murphy first heard about Brewgooder, he was instantly supportive of the cause and wanted to contribute where possible. And what better way to do that than by inviting in clients of Murphy Wealth and Brewgooder to share the joy together! 

Through our partnership with Brewgooder, we hope to play a part in supporting projects in Africa, allowing more people to gain access to clean water through the building of wells. 

Scott MacDonald, Commercial Director at Brewgooder shared his thoughts on the collaboration:

“Since 2016 Brewgooder have been using the power of craft beer to bring clean water to thousands of people but we recognise that this is only possible with the support of our customers, consumers and Office Beer Club members. 

The good news is that our impact is growing daily and that is in no small part down to businesses like Murphy Wealth who recognise that simply by having Brewgooder pouring at their events they can not only spend quality time with their clients but also do their bit to support our fight against water poverty.

The Brewgooder Office Beer Club is attracting both large and small businesses across the UK that recognise the importance of CSR in today’s busy corporate world and any business interested in learning more about the club, and the real impact its members make, can do so at https://shop.brewgooder.com/product/office-beer-club/."

All the donations from the night will go towards the clean water charities that Brewgooder support. 

Get Involved

Don't worry if you missed our event this time round, there's still time to 'give water' by donating directly and ordering Brewgooder beer! 

Donate a couple of pounds (or more!) here: http://bit.ly/2ZcQL6q 

We look forward to more events on the rooftop terrace, and more opportunities to make a difference to lives around the world. 

Cheers to that! 

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