‘SuzAngela’ administrates their ultimate comeback!

Suzanne and Angela bring over 40 years of experience combined within financial services and whilst they can fly high on their own, they work best as a team. Being our star duo, their focus is ensuring our clients are always getting the best service they deserve. Read on to find out about the history of how ‘Suzangela’ came to be! 

Did you know about Murphy Wealth before? And what attracted you to join? 

Suzanne: I knew very little about MW before I joined. However, I did hear the name in passing before as a previous colleague had worked with MW in the past. I like that they are a relatively small family run company with big plans and ambitions for their future, an encouraging thing to see within this industry! 

Angela: I had not heard of MW before. However, I would agree with Suzanne and add that when looking at the website before I joined, it looked like a fun place to work (and it hasn’t disappointed yet!).

What was the process of joining? How did you find out about the opportunity?  

Angela: I was searching the internet for Independent Financial Advisers (IFAs) in Glasgow and Murphy Wealth were one of the first that I seen and was appealed to, so I got in touch! After I got called in for an interview by Fiona, I couldn’t wait to share the news with Suzanne and recommend her to apply for the other position. 

Suzanne: Angie had been in touch for an interview which I was delighted to hear! Then I was invited to come along for an interview too after finding out that there were two positions for Senior Administrators being advertised. 

How did ‘SuzAngela’ come about? And did you expect to move to a new job together? 

Angela: ‘Suzangela’ was penned whilst we were both working at Succession. I think it first happened when we turned up one day wearing very similar clothes.  It just stuck from there!

Suzanne: Even we are surprised it’s stuck for this long as we didn’t expect to move company at the same time, never mind joining the same company again! We were very lucky as we thought we’d need to part company and work in different firms when considering new jobs. Now that we both work in Murphy Wealth, it’s great to be continuing the legacy of SuzAngela!

Please tell us about your role as Senior Administrators. 

Suzanne:  As Senior Administrators we support our financial advisers and client managers in delivering for our clients throughout their journey with us. Our daily workload could vary from preparing new business and client review packs to rebalancing portfolios and answering client queries. 

Angela: We also drive the processing of clients’ withdrawals from pensions, crystallisation events (tax-free cash and income), as well as investment enquiries. It is therefore key for us to keep clients up to date with all of these by working extremely closely with our client managers. This essentially helps make the journey for the clients a lot smoother and stress-free. 

The structure of how we work is also different to the structures of previous employers. Administrators often have assigned client managers and financial advisers, however at Murphy Wealth, we all work collectively to ensure we are delivering everything we can for clients, in the most value-add way possible by utilising everyone’s individual strengths. 

How has the job supported your own personal development?

Suzanne: Since we have only been here a few months, we continue to learn about the systems and platforms every day. Ideally, we would then love to use the knowledge learnt to streamline administration processes in the future.  

Angela: When we started at Murphy Wealth, we were assigned a ‘buddy’ each which adds an extra layer of support when settling in and learning brand new systems. Each team member also gets designated personal development time each week to focus on the areas that we want to improve on or learn about. The firm are extremely supportive of us having this time and I hope to use this time to find out more on how we can maximise our management information (MI) capabilities through our systems.

Why would you recommend Murphy Wealth? How is it different?

Suzanne: Murphy Wealth are very keen to advocate technology and streamline our business to run more effectively. In a world where IT is an evolving key feature of modern-day society, I feel that this is the right move and one all financial advisers should be adopting. In my experience, not many advisers are tech-savvy or even open to the idea of it. We are proud of who we are and what we stand for. Our marketing is driven as a result of wanting to share that with others. We take the personal approach with our clients and try to get to know them personally rather just understand the financial solutions they are looking for.

Angela: Having been with Murphy Wealth for only 3 months, I feel that I have been here for longer given the team’s warm welcome right from the start. I love that the family culture is still prominent in the sense that everyone is treated like family. They have a different approach and relaxed work ethic that gets the job done extremely well. Unlike other firms I have worked for, they are not regimented in the way they work, and instead are open and ambitious. I really look forward to the next part of my journey with them!

The team are all extremely friendly, so do not be afraid to get in touch if you have any questions on how we could help the next step of your journey.

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