Client Stories [Video]: Helping Cameron Develop His New Pharmacy

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As you may know, we take pride in helping our clients, but since you have probably heard it from us too often, we thought it would be best for you to hear it straight from the clients themselves! We are extremely excited to be sharing these with you over the course of summer.



Our first video features Cameron. Cameron shares his story and business journey with us. We are more than delighted we could play a key part in helping him achieve the vision he had for his pharmacy.


Tell us why you chose Murphy Wealth?


We had a family pharmacy in Greenock and needed funded to put a new development together.


Adrian helped us to to manage that whole process of getting the funding and then this allowed us to do the new development for the pharmacy.


How did Murphy Wealth help you with that?


Having Adrian and Murphy Wealth really took the pressure off so that we could focus on physically moving the pharmacy, building the pharmacy and fitting it all out. We couldn’t have done it without Murphy Wealth.


Why would you recommend Murphy Wealth?


They just have a completely dynamic way of doing things, in a relaxed, but professional fashion. I have had financial advisers for a number of years, but the way that Adrian and the team help and see way you can do things is just slightly different. I just really enjoy that - it’s the thinking out the box and that’s what the benefit is.


How are we different from other financial advisers?


I always think a picture paints a thousand words. When looking at when we can retire, you can see that in a chart. Rather than seeing it as figures, you can see things in a chart, moving with the different iterations. I have not seen that before - they use technology to provide that dynamic way of thinking and say, “if you do this, you can get that, and if you do something else, you can get that.”




Murphy Wealth support all types of business owners with finance and planning, in a way that works for the client. If you are like Cameron or a business owner with a similar situation and want to explore the options, see how we could help you by getting in touch with us.

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