Soon-to-be medical student Jack starts work experience

This month, Jack joins Murphy Group for a two-month work experience and tells us why he feels it is important to work in an environment like ours to prepare him for university and aspirations of becoming a doctor.

With an impressive golf handicap of 8 and active interest in football, Jack has recently finished his 6th year at high school. He will be enjoying a long summer before beginning his degree in Medicine at University of Glasgow in September (reminding some of us that we would still love to be students). However, no holidays say exotic like Murphy Wealth HQ!

What inspired you to study Medicine?

From a young age, I wanted to pursue a career as a doctor. My dad is a doctor, and my mum is a nurse. However, my aspirations were surprisingly not influenced by them. I always enjoyed their stories, but what really inspired me was when I spent two weeks in hospital whilst being extremely ill. Experiencing that environment during my time there made me want to help others in a similar situation.

Why did you choose Murphy Wealth?

I have never worked or had any experience in this industry, but I think a lot can be learnt from it, especially at Murphy Wealth. I never studied business related subjects at school either, but I think it is still important to learn commercial skills. For me it’s a completely new experience.

I want to improve my people skills since I know I will use them (a lot) as a doctor! Murphy Wealth seems like a good place to learn these skills because I get the chance to speak to clients. Everyone here is also very welcoming, which helps me feel that it is a safe place to learn. Even though I practice teamwork when I play sports, this allows me to work with others in a professional environment.

What will your work experience consist of?

I have only just started and have already been exposed to the administrator role. I will be shadowing colleagues in different roles and attending client meetings. There will also be exposure to the preparation of meetings, everything from setting up meeting rooms to creating client information packs. I am looking forward to experiencing the various roles across the team and being independent in responsibilities around the office.

We look forward to catching up with Jack again once he has settled in – be sure to look out for updates along the way!  

Murphy Wealth are continuously supporting work experience opportunities for students, the most prominent being the partnership we have with Glasgow Caledonian University. Our current intern Kimberley was awarded an internship after winning the competition we held at the university. We also welcomed Sophie, our first official graduate onboard our Graduate Programme last month. Get in touch if you would like to find out more about our support in early careers.



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