Succession Planning for Businesses and Individuals

If you’re looking to leave your business in the next 5 years, the time to start planning is now. In your process of working towards this, ask yourself what is your goal? What’s your number? Is it enough to buy a home? A holiday? A retirement fund? Whatever it may be, your next step is figuring out how to get there and this is where Murphy Wealth can help you. We can help you plan a clean exit and reach your goals.

By starting to consider your goal now, you can work towards it with a plan on how to influence it. The sooner you set it, the sooner you can get to work and the longer you have to make it achievable. Doing this also mitigates risk and ensures that you’re reaching the full financial potential of exiting the business.

With many of our past customers, we’ve found that an exit plan has been created and implemented either directly before the exit happens or just after the fact. Although these are cases we can effectively manage, we’ve found that the best success is found when exits are planned 3-5 years in advance.

If you work with Murphy Wealth on your exit strategy, you can benefit from both sides of our business – we can look after your individual circumstances and advise on your business. We create bespoke packages for all of our customers across a range of circumstances. The Pre-Exit Package we’d create would ensure that you, your business and your future plans are all protected once you take the steps necessary.

Do you know what you’d want to work towards? Or what you’d need to protect in your exit? Do you have any concerns? Speak to us today and we can help make the plans you envisioned a reality.

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