Marketing and Events Manager, Letitia talks about our second workshop with Business Women Scotland (BWS) and how Sylvia Baldock helped us recognise the ways to maximise our talents.

Last month saw a successful launch of our first workshop in partnership with Business Women Scotland. We helped business owners find their ‘Why’, their purpose and desired lifestyles. 

This month, on Monday 18th November, we held our second workshop focusing on the ‘How’ - how can we make sure we are maximising our talents, as well as the talents of our team, whilst delivering on our purpose and business goals?

We are all about collaboration, so after Sylvia Baldock made an on-screen appearance in our first workshop, we invited her to deliver a powerful team engagement session, in person!

Sylvia talked about the ways that we can clearly identify how to maximise our personal and team talent, whilst building TRUST, productivity and profitability.

Attendees also received a great deal of insight on how the right people in the right role doing the right things for all the right reasons, can help your business run like a well-oiled machine.

We walked away with one key thought: when people are playing to their strengths, they feel engaged, focussed, valued and powerful.

Sylvia also shared her tips on:

  • How to recognise your natural abilities and innate strengths that define the unique value you bring to the workplace.
  • How to channel your time and energy into your specific area of expertise to become the trusted ‘Go to’ person in your field.
  • Ways in which we can appreciate and utilise the natural strengths, challenges and communications styles of our colleagues and team to build a culture of collaboration.

Attendees left enlightened, inspired, motivated and with a greater appreciation of the value you and your team members bring to the workplace and how to harness their talents for maximum impact.

Our CEO Adrian Murphy then followed up Sylvia’s session with the questions to start asking for planning into 2020.

"Many thanks to the team at Murphy Wealth for running such thought provoking and inspiring workshops. As with everything they do there was also a great element of fun which allowed all attendees to mix effortlessly. I am sure our business will benefit from the advice on company values and team cohesion. Thanks again."

– Fiona Scott, LSA Ltd.


You’ll know by now we like to do things differently, so we ended our session with a bit of fun. Top creative magician Alan Rorrison performed some rather seat-gripping magic tricks, some of which may have included an animal catcher and fish hooks... 

With multiple sell-out World Tours, TV appearances, and consultancy credits including Dynamo & Troy, we were delighted we could invite Alan to our offices and teach our guests some tricks of his own!  

We only began our partnership with BWS this year, but look forward to building on our already robust partnership in 2020. Watch this space!


Please email if you would like to be included in future event invitations.

About Sylvia Baldock

Team Engagement & Collaboration Specialist, Author and Best-selling International Co-Author.

Sylvia enables Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs to recognise the unique value they bring to the workplace and to lead with confidence and purpose. Sylvia pinpoints your natural strengths and challenges and works with you to ensure you are playing to those strengths 70-80% of your working time. Find out more.


About Business Women Scotland

Business Women Scotland is an organisation founded 11 years ago dedicated to helping women find support and networking opportunities to allow them to strengthen their business. We produce a bi-monthly digital magazine dedicated to women in business and run a series of Roadshow events and awards to celebrate and empower women in business while tackling the gender gap in enterprise.

Founder Lynne Kennedy MBE is passionate about creating opportunities for women in Scottish businesses to grow and develop.

“Our aim is to give women the support and encouragement to make their mark in the world of business in innovative and ground-breaking ways. We want to recognise and celebrate the success of female entrepreneurship while shaping the agenda for equality.” 

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