Strathclyde Sirens and Murphy Wealth team up to look after your financial health

Strathclyde Sirens, Scotland’s only semi-professional netball team, are working with partners Murphy Wealth, a Scottish financial planning firm, to create resources and share valuable advice in order to help the population look after their financial health during this uncertain time.


With financial uncertainty dominating the news headlines - from salary cuts and job losses, to Government grants and mortgage payment holidays - everyone is facing a financial challenge or strain.  Both parties will be maximising use of their platforms to support the people of Scotland and the nation to look beyond the end of the virus. With financial stress significantly impacting on mental wellbeing, this is the time to provide help, advice and reassurance to get each other through this challenging time. 


Over the coming weeks, Strathclyde Sirens and Murphy Wealth will be sharing information on:


  • Understanding your spending behaviours
  • How to save and what the available tools are
  • Managing personal finances and planning for the future
  • Available support for clubs and businesses
  • Practical financial tips and toolkits
  • Understanding your support options and where to find help if you need it.


Together, they will be busting myths, answering questions, explaining options and empowering you to get through this global crisis, whilst designing the financial future of your choice. The advice will be relevant for everyone of all ages or circumstances.


CEO of Murphy Wealth, Adrian Murphy states:

‘The current situation has brought everyone’s financials into firm focus. There are many challenges, but there is also a great deal of support available. We want to do everything we can to help our communities, ensuring that everyone understands and makes use of the support and opportunities available. At the end of the day, whilst many of us have no control over this situation and how long it might last, we do have control over how we build our own financial futures and adopt to everything that is happening around us.’


CEO of Netball Scotland and Strathclyde Sirens Claire Nelson states: 

“With the impact of COVID-19 being felt by every person right across the UK, the aim of Netball Scotland and Strathclyde Sirens right now is to provide as much vital support and guidance to all of our fans, members, and anyone else who needs it, for as long as is needed. As part of this we will be focussing on financial health, planning and management as we know that a lot of people are worried about their finances at this time. Working with our amazing new Sirens Partners, Murphy Wealth, we will provide practical support, expertise, tips and advice to help our Netball Family to get through these uncertain and unprecedented times, as well as start to take control over planning the financial future that they want for themselves. We hope that this serves to be a useful service for people and continue to ask everyone to follow the Government guidelines to stay safe and healthy.” 


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