Simply Wealth
This is the next step on from Simply Business. You’ll already have left your business.

When you exit your business, we’ll come with you.
As our clients leave their businesses, they make the transition from Simply Business to Simply Wealth. Because their departure doesn’t mean the end of their ambitions or long-term goals.
We notice that you’re not a spreadsheet.
As well as assessing the true value of your wealth, we’ll discover what your aspirations are. From inheritance tax planning to pension consolidation we’ll help you nurture and protect your wealth within your own lifetime and for future generations to come. We’ll look far beyond the numbers. Useful though they are, we’ll look beyond those as they’re limited in what they can tell us about you.
Your final decision needn’t be final.
We don’t expect you to chisel your wishes into granite, though. Minds, like circumstances, can change. And often should change to enable you to live the life you love. If you were to decide that a life of leisure wasn’t really for you only weeks after embracing it with enthusiasm, you wouldn’t be the first of our clients to do so.

As your trusted independent wealth advisor, we’ll keep close to you, your numbers and your plan ensuring that we’re taking advantage of the best available opportunities for you.