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For the last 40 years we have been bringing smart ideas to business leaders facing the challenges of wealth creation and protection. In making this complex area refreshingly simple, we help our clients enhance their wealth, achieve peace of mind and give them the freedom to focus on what matters.

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Culture is incredibly important to us here at Murphy Wealth. It is essential that everyone shares the same vision to allow us to deliver the best possible service to our clients. It goes without saying that our highly experienced team has met rigorous qualification standards to give you confidence in the quality and impartiality of the advice you receive. More important than this is the team ethic which we nurture to ensure continuity for our clients no matter who they speak to.

Adrian Murphy

Adrian Murphy


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Brian Murphy


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Nick Lambert

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Neil Law

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Our Service

Simply Business

This is the service we offer to business owners which is designed to give them the peace of mind and freedom to focus on building your business.

We will make the process of wealth creation as simple as possible while also helping with all aspects of your business life.

As business owners ourselves we want to go on the journey with you right up to exit and beyond.

Our aim is to nurture a close working relationship to allow us to understand what makes you and your business tick helping us to make better decisions with you, which in turn will enhance your wealth along with your business.

Simply Wealth

As our clients look to exit their business we have a service to help them with the next stage of their life.

We understand that Wealth Preservation is a key issue for our clients exiting their business and gaining an understanding the true value of your wealth is a key part of this.

There are always new challenges and opportunities that will present themselves as you move into this space and we are on hand to make sure you make the most of your position.

As always regular contact and a close relationship are absolutely key to the success of our plans to ultimately give you peace of mind that your wealth is being properly looked after and you can achieve your goals whatever they may be.

Kayleigh Groves, Artist

“After having a law firm dwindle away at my estate, I took advice from a friend to have a chat with Adrian. I only wish I had his advice 10 years earlier! I needed someone who wasn’t going to pull the wool over my eyes and explain things in plain simple English without empty financial jargon. I’m a younger client so it was also important that he had my best interests to mind and was able to really to open a casual but professional dialogue about my future. Adrian went the extra mile for me. He helped me understand a stressful confusing past of financial relationships that had been abused. He stood by me like a Guardian angel and helped me get closer to some answers I needed. He suggested a clear and productive long term investment plan for my future and set my mind at ease by going through all the details In plain easy non threatening English. It’s really too early to say. So far it seems good and I am so much happier and more confident than I was before about my investment. Adrian and his team are fantastic, professional, friendly and supportive.”

Lloyd Murdoch, Company Director

“Initially I required advice on setting up a personal pension.I had amassed quite a lot of savings and needed advice on where best to invest. Firstly, Adrian has been very friendly and immediately put me at ease when talking about a subject that I found quite alien. Through various conversations and some risk profiling exercises, Adrian was able to get a sense of what financial products best suited me.As my earning have increased, Adrian has tailored his advice to suit my needs. I now have a number of investments through Murphy Wealth.Adrian has always been proactive in advising me, and has taken the time to get to know me and my business. He continues to advise me and I have no hesitation in picking up the phone for a chat at any time. Yes, I am happy with the products I have invested in and the advice I have received. I particularly like that Adrian and Murphy Wealth are aware of the most recent developments in the financial world, and changing legislation. He has made me aware of products that I have benefited significantly from in relation to tax relief advantages.”

Janet Gatford

“I was looking for help with a pension transfer from a divorce settlement. I was also wanting to purchase a house and needed some advise about the Investment. Adrian understood exactly what I was trying to achieve with my finances . He explained everything to so I was able to understand. The investments that Adrian suggested are exactly what I wanted to achieve for my future. I am very happy with my investments for my pension. I feel that Adrian has done all that I would of wished him to do in advising and Investing my money.”

John Wright, Engineer

“A lump sum of money that I wanted advice on. Adrian researched my options which would help achieve my financial goals. He then managed my investment and will continue to monitor it going forward. Early days yet but I am hopeful.”


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