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Adrian Murphy

Adrian Murphy
Managing Director

Adrian joined the business in 2004 and became partner in 2014. He became MD in 2016, after its incorporation. He says he enjoys his role of “developing the business from the inside and developing relationships with key partners on the outside”. Which probably makes him sound a little more like John le Carré than he actually is. He supports a number of charitable organisations, including ACE Race Running.

For which he once deliberately flung himself from an aeroplane in mid-flight.

Brian Murphy

Brian Murphy

Brian set up Murphy Wealth in Ayr back in 1977. Twelve years previously, his career began at the City of Glasgow Friendly Society. Which, to the rest of us, sounds absolutely adorable. Ten years at Norwich Union (now Aviva) followed. Some of his original Murphy Wealth clients are still with us today. We’ve debated whether we’ll ever allow him to retire to the golf course full-time. But the jury’s still out on that. Admittedly, he occasionally sneaks off to play a few holes. But we’ve had him electronically tagged, and always manage to drag him back again.

Neil Law

Neil Law

Neil’s banking background has proved invaluable for his work as an advisor and in his corporate planning roles. He’s been in the financial services industry since the early 1990s; and has worked in an exclusively advisory capacity since 2000. He moved into wealth management in 2006, where he’s advised high-net-worth individuals and business owners. Neil, much like Brian, is a keen golfer. Although Neil is keen to claim that when they’re playing, they’re not really alike at all.

Ciaran Stark

Ciaran Stark
Business Innovation Manager

A Glasgow Caledonian University graduate with a first-class honours degree, Ciaran was originally a summer intern at Murphy Wealth. By the time his three months were up, his abilities had become very obvious. So we immediately confiscated his shoes and barred the exits. Consequently, almost two years later, he’s still here. He’s currently working on a new marketing initiative and technology update.

Sarah Stevenson

Sarah Stevenson
Client Manager

Sarah has been with Murphy Wealth since the start of 2016 and has applied herself to many roles. Her role includes writing our client reports and with her ‘We Will Rock You’ mentality she is also the office ‘Funny Girl’ and has, supposedly, been heard greeting clients with ‘Hello, Dolly’.
Sarah decided at an early age that Financial Services was for her and has subsequently spent her entire career in the industry. If you hadn’t already guessed, Sarah also has a love of musicals so if she's ever feeling ‘Les Miserables’ then chances are she can be found in the theatre.

Kirstie Girvan
Client Services Manager

With a love of books and films, Kirstie is our resident Sci-Fi geek. Here to look after our clients, she has a HNC in Accounting and has spent over 12 years in and around the financial services world. In her spare time, Kirstie loves to travel and experience new places, but closer to home likes to keep fit - mostly to counterbalance her sugar addiction!

Alana Quinn
Alana is just starting out on her career in Financial Services. A recent Honours graduate in Finance, Investment and Risk she comes to us via a year out travelling solo around South East Asia. As a keen horsewoman, Alana spends most of her spare time at the stables or riding and competing with her horse, Aria.

Ceara McGrory
A recent graduate in Law and Professional Legal practice from the University of Strathclyde, Ceara decided that the lure of the financial sector was more of a challenge that a career in the Law. A keen spectator of tennis and football, her real passion is the theatre and in particular musicals.

Est. 1977

We’re now a Glasgow-based wealth management advisory firm of 40 years’ standing. But when we opened our doors for the first time, we had a tiny office in Ayr. Our MD then is our current MD’s father. And that former MD is now our chairman.

Since that time, it’s been our privilege to look after the interests of the owners
of many different types of businesses. Providing independent financial advice and creating wealth for them. Helping them to protect what they have; both
for them personally and for their families. Given that we’re essentially a family business ourselves, that matters a lot to us.

Our aim has always been to do the opposite of blinding with science.
We present everything as clearly as we possibly can. We never let specific financial complexities confuse matters. We have the wealth management expertise and experience to meet your personal financial goals.

Just as we've met the goals of clients continuously since 1977.

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