Living the life you want

We have a simple but effective approach to ensure you can live the life you want, now and in the future

Living the life you want
Our service revolves around our Human First ethos to meet your needs and help you live the life you want.
Financial life planning

Everything we do for you is informed by our Human First ethos and our experience of what has worked before. It is built on the strong foundations of evidence and behavioural science. We call this approach Financial Life Planning, and this is how we go about it:

ppgr planppgr plan

We look at what you have and what you want to achieve over time. That’s the simple part. The next part requires a bit of trust from you. We’ll ask about your life goals, ambitions, and dreams. We’ll ask questions about what drives you, inspires you, and makes you tick. We’ll want to know about your doubts and fears too.  This is how we get to know you as a human, first.

From all of this rich information, we'll better understand your behaviour characteristics, which will help us create a truly personal financial plan, built to be as unique as you are.


Once we’ve created the financial plan that will give you the best chance of getting to where you want to be, we’ll set to work protecting what you value most in life.

That might be about making sure your family is financially secure in the event something happens to you. It might be preserving the value of your savings and investments by reducing costs and charges. It might simply be making sure you have effective inheritance plans in place. This step might involve recommending certain financial products, but only if you need them to achieve your life plans.

ppgr protectppgr protect
ppgr growppgr grow

Here’s an important point. When we talk about growth, we don’t just mean investment growth (although that is a factor, for sure). We prefer to focus on your personal growth and the progress you are making towards achieving what you set out to do. Everything we do here is about focusing on what it is you need to do to turn your plan into a reality.

Again, we might recommend new financial products that are aligned to your core values and behaviours during this stage, or it might just be a case of tweaking what you already have to account for changes in your personal circumstances.


To keep the plan alive and to make sure it continues to evolve and adapt, we go back to Step 1 and repeat the process. The one thing we know for sure is that we all live in a fast-paced dynamic world that sees us adapting to the multitude of things life throws at us.

These things don’t happen just once a year, so we don’t simply “check-in” with you once a year. That’s not our way. We’ll always be here for you, working for you, helping you live a fulfilled life.

ppgr repeatppgr repeat
This is how we do things, in more detail

Over the nearly 50 years that Murphy Wealth has been helping clients live fulfilled lives, we’ve evolved our Human First approach to make sure your financial life plan constantly adapts and is always relevant to your goals, your dreams, and your ambitions.

It’s a remarkably simple and effective methodology.

You’ve hopefully noticed by now that we haven’t talked about financial products at all

And there’s a simple reason for this - we are, always, Human First.  We will only ever advise you to take out a financial product if you need it to live the life you want to live. The product areas we are likely to advise you on are:

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