Believe what you read in the papers – we’re here to stay

Believe what you read in the papers – we’re here to stay

You might have seen us in Monday’s Herald, and, while you may have been told before not to believe everything you read in the papers, in this case you should – Murphy Wealth is on track for big things, and we’re beginning to make our mark in Glasgow.

Now, as much as I would love to say I’m a dab hand at journalistic interviews, they’re not something I’m used to taking part in every day. The interview with the Herald’s business correspondent and personal finance editor, Margaret Taylor, was an important one to us as a firm. It launched our new brand, reflected on the last four years since leaving our original HQ in Ayr, and offered an insight into what’s next for us as we continue to grow in Glasgow.

We’ve been in the city since 2013, and even though it took us time to find our niche, we are no longer little fish in a big pond. We’ve taken our time, established Murphy Wealth’s personality, developed the branding that was just right for us, and now we’re perfectly poised to enhance our clients’ wealth.

Glasgow is overflowing with opportunity, but to realise the ambition we’ve laid out for Murphy Wealth, it’s important to seek out the opportunities which fit our vision - even if that means turning away those which don’t. For us, it’s about connecting with the entrepreneurs, the innovators and successful businessmen and businesswomen which Glasgow has in abundance. The city is bustling with talented business owners and entrepreneurs with huge potential, who fit perfectly with what we’re trying to achieve.

We want to work with people with whom we can go on a journey as their careers progress and their businesses grow. We’ve invested a lot of time and money in areas that’ll allow us to concentrate on this market, separating ourselves from the many financial advisory companies focusing predominantly on retirement planning.  

This is where our ‘Refreshingly Simple’ approach comes in. Life is extremely busy for so many of us, and with the rise of an always-connected workforce, contactable at the touch of a button, stress-free moments to ourselves are all the more valuable. We’ll never expect our clients to read pages and pages of impenetrable financial information (it puts us to sleep, so I can’t imagine it gets anyone else’s pulse racing); we’ll just concentrate on what matters and what’s going to happen next.

The industry needs a change, and as we refreshed our own look, we recognised that the wealth advisory sector in general could benefit from a bit of a makeover.

Managing money sometimes feels a bit like a secret society – if you don’t know the rituals then you can’t hope to understand what’s going on. To be honest, we don’t really have the patience for that. We’d rather speak to our clients in language everyone can understand, without any smoke or mirrors.

This is the idea behind our investment in an app that we’ll launch towards the end of summer – to make life easier for everyone. We want to be able to engage with our clients at the tap of a screen and speak to them in the way that suits them.

The personal relationships we like to form with our clients, are best formed face to face so we will continue to meet on a regular basis. As part of this, we’ll also be launching a new brand where we can work with businesses to ensure their senior people are looked after; as well as working directly with individuals themselves. 

The next few months and years are going to be some of the biggest and busiest in our company’s lifecycle. We couldn’t be more excited about it. Watch this space, and keep an eye on the headlines. You’re sure to hear a lot more from us, and please do get in touch with any comments or suggestions – we’re very keen to hear from you.

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