Four For The Price Of One

Four For The Price Of One

I am sure by now everyone will be glad to get a wee break from the General Election. A few weeks ago I wrote an update about what is going on within the Client Team at Murphy Wealth.

We are delighted to announce that Julie Spratt has now joined the team in the Administrator role.

I am sure over the coming weeks and months you will have the chance to speak to her and meet her when you come to the office.

We are delighted to have the team back to full strength.

I haven’t mentioned the advisory team yet and that is the subject of this week’s blog.

For those of you who don’t know there are 4 of us in the advisory team namely Brian Murphy, myself (Adrian Murphy), Nick Lambert, and Neil Law.

We recently worked out that we have over 100 years advisory experience between us (I will leave you to figure out the split).

It’s a catchy line but how do we harness it to the benefit of our clients?

Most of you won’t be aware that rather than have one adviser at the firm you actually have 4.

Each Monday morning we meet to discuss our current cases, the advice can only be signed off with the agreement of the team.

The individual adviser makes no major decisions; rather you get the benefit of that collective experience and a range of views.

This is beneficial for a number of reasons, but most importantly for you, the client, is that you don’t have to rely on your adviser knowing absolutely everything in an increasingly complicated financial services environment.

We know from experience that decisions made together equal better outcomes for clients.

In the event that your adviser is unavailable you can also be assured that whichever one of us you speak to will be fully aware of your circumstances and your financial plan.

As always your feedback is welcome here via the website.

Please feel free to gives me your thoughts on what we write on the blog or any other subject you would like to address.

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