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Kimberley's big comeback (that we are delighted about)!

Kimberley's big comeback (that we are delighted about)!

Update: Kimberley has just returned with us to work part-time whilst studying towards her Honours degree at Glasgow Caledonian University. We couldn't be more delighted!

Kimberley definitely outdid herself as our 'summer' intern - extending her stay with us from 10 to 17 weeks. Today marks Kimberley's last day with us before she returns to university later this month. 

We asked Kimberley to share the best of her days here at Murphy Wealth before she leaves and returns with us again next year!

'I joined the team at Murphy Wealth in May and will be sadly leaving them this week as I get ready to return to university for my fourth year. My industry knowledge has developed during my time with the team which I’m sure will be put to good use when I’m writing my dissertation on pensions (sounds exciting right?!). My development of industry knowledge will also help my overall learning and understanding in my last year at university. My time with the team has been a great introduction to my career within financial services.  

I enjoyed getting to know everyone and building strong relationships with the team. I began to learn the business from its core by settling into an administrative role. This role exposed me to the industry as I was working in technical detail with client information, client managers and even the advisers.

Being new to the team, I began learning the processes and procedures step-by-step but with the help of everyone’s support, I quickly began to complete tasks on my own and was able to show more initiative, responsibility and skills.

My development within the team saw my internship tenure doubled from the original 10 weeks to 17 weeks. It was an extremely pleasant surprise when Operations Director, Fiona, offered to extend my time at Murphy Wealth, because not only did it mean that I was settling in well to the team, but I was adding more value than I realised. There were lots of other bonuses to the internship including various events, projects and being able to try different roles in the business. Not only do I now have a deeper understanding of the industry, but I also gained familiarity with the operation of how a financial advisory firm works.

When entering the competition to win the internship with Murphy Wealth in February this year, I highlighted the stigma attached to young academics aspiring to work in the industry. Murphy Wealth challenged against this stigma, embracing young talent and providing opportunities to young academics who don’t necessarily have experience in the industry. At only 20 years old, I have been able to gain 4 months of first-hand experience because of the partnership that Murphy Wealth has with Glasgow Caledonian University.  This experience has not only been limited to just observing my colleagues but a huge part of it has been about actively participating in all aspects of a financial advisory firm.

It’s been a good summer, but I am looking forward to returning to university and completing my degree in BA (Hons) Finance, Investment and Risk. The same can’t be said for my dissertation but the team have both helped and inspired the topic I will choose for my dissertation - that should numb the pain for a while.

But it's not over yet.

It’s easy to look forward, past my final year at university, to when I graduate. The intention was for the internship to provide me with experience that would give me a head start when applying for graduate jobs. Instead, it has exceeded that, and the team have offered me a graduate job for when I finish university next year! Now that was certainly unexpected!!

I am extremely pleased to be returning to Murphy Wealth next year and use my internship to shape my role as a graduate. I am delighted to be re-joining the team but for now, the books, lectures and exams await…'

If you would like to read more about Kimberley, read the interview we did with her in July where she tells us more about her journey. 

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