Murphy Wealth named Top 100 Adviser in the UK

Murphy Wealth named Top 100 Adviser in the UK

This list is a chance to showcase the activities we think deserve praise. By and large, we are looking at the snapshot of the past 12 months of a firm’s lifespan.

But by the same token, projects that are only just bearing fruit after months or years of work will have also paid off. I think it is fair to say firms that have established a successful approach and positive culture over the long term have made regular appearances on this list.

In the past New Model Adviser® has firmly backed reforms such as charging fees and gaining qualifications, and promoted the financial planning movement. We have championed small businesses. This year the things we looked for included: a clear strategy for growing the business; demonstrable succession planning; evidence of conversations about clients’ ethical investment preferences; a contribution to the profession through sharing best practice and holding roles with professional bodies; a commitment to client education; and a high level of qualifications among staff.

These are all examples of what we regard as ‘new model’ attributes in a post-retail distribution review world. They are what we editorially think is important at this moment in time. I would like to thank everyone who submitted their answer to our question: ‘what was your best financial planning case?’ It was instructive to see the great outcomes firms have been achieving for clients over the year, some of which are mentioned in this publication, and we plan to share more of those details in the coming weeks in New Model Adviser®.

I have enjoyed putting this report together and I think it gives a fine account of the advice profession in 2018.

Will Robins

Editor, New Model Adviser®.

Murphy Wealth's Listing in Top 100 2018

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