Entrepreneurs on succession and culture


People drive business performance, say entrepreneurs.  

As part of our series exploring the world of entrepreneurship, we spoke
to six business owners about their experiences of creating a business culture and planning for the future.

When you’re starting your own business, succession planning may not
be a priority, but it’s vital to secure the longevity of the venture. Leading from the front is important, say our entrepreneurs, but it’s equally important to listen to your team.

Leah Hutcheon, owner of smart scheduling software Appointedd, told us that business owners should allow employees to fail, and “create a safe space for your team to innovate and push boundaries.”

Championing entrepreneurial thinking can lead businesses in new, exciting directions, and prevent the business from stagnating. It can also create a culture of collaboration, with teamwork central to the vision for the future.

Each of our entrepreneurs agreed that people drive businesses forward, through creative thinking, hard work, and a passion for the work.

“There’s a special magic that comes from being part of an entrepreneurial team,” continued Leah.

This is the final video in our series exploring the world of entrepreneurship, speaking to business owners across all industries and age groups to find out more. We have years of experience working with entrepreneurs, so no matter where you are on that journey, if you think we can help make your life a bit easier, get in touch.

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