Ex-pilot wannabe turned Financial Planner Simon Lewis joins the team

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You may have noticed that our team seems to be growing quicker than the speed of lighting! Last week, we welcomed our newest member and financial planner Simon Lewis to the Murphy Wealth family. I caught up with Simon to find out more about how his ambitions of being a pilot turned into financial services (crazy, we know).

Please tell us a bit more about yourself.

I come from a family that have tended to work in financial services and accounting, this seems to be where our skill set lies! Having studied law and economics at the University of Glasgow I always knew that I wanted to work in financial services. I interned at a stockbroking firm for two of the summers during my degree and was offered a job on the back of that work. That job allowed me to train as a stockbroker and complete my Level 6 diploma before moving on to work as a Wealth Manager for a bank.

What was your motivation in joining the industry?

Wanting to understand investment and financial services was a strong motivation for joining the industry. My interest grew not only from my family connection to investment but from a discussion at school with an investment manager who I met at a career day and discussed how they helped clients. I enjoy helping clients to understand investments and help put them on the right path to achieve their aims.

What made you want to join Murphy Wealth?

I wanted to be part of a forward-thinking, growing company of exceptional people who enjoy their roles in helping clients to see a brighter future. Having been constricted by previous employers about how we could help clients and the solutions we could offer I am very enthusiastic about being able to offer a more tailored offering to clients that can meet their needs and help them attain their goals. Being about to spend time with clients to understand them, what they are looking for and helping them navigate through the complex world of investments and financial planning is a hugely rewarding career and I look forward to helping clients with the large toolkit that Murphy Wealth provides.

What is your biggest business achievement to date?

At a large UK institution I opened more new clients accounts than any other adviser in 2017, this included working on some innovative solutions so that clients could achieve their aims that no one else had thought to provide.

What's the biggest challenge in the industry to date?

The biggest challenge in our industry is affordable advice for the mass affluent market which is underserved by both smaller firms and institutions. Helping these people to understand the need for long term savings and retirement planning will help society to cope with changes to government pensions and long-term care costs.

Three good things about working in Glasgow?

  • The people!
  • More restaurants per capita than London
  • Third most visited live venue in the world

Which business person or company do you most admire and why?

Probably Volvo. Although never fantastically successful in business, when I lived in Sweden there was real kudos to owning a Swedish car (so it was either that or Saab) even for very successful people. Their drive to increase safety over other simply competitive concerns has helped save millions of lives – they gave away the patent for the three-point seatbelt so it would become ubiquitous around the world. They continue to innovate and every car they produce will have some type of electric engine by 2025. All this showing it is possible to be commercial and have a social conscience. 

What is the best investment you ever made?

My wife’s engagement ring – I designed it with a jeweller to incorporate what (I hope) she was looking for and hopefully it helped her say “yes”!

What did you want to be when you were a child?

When I was really young I wanted to be a pilot until I met an investment manager giving a talk at careers day. Ever since I wanted to work in investment – and here I am!

What do you do to relax away from the office? 

Well I love competition, so anything that lets me compete! Always keen to challenge my skills or my brain against other people. I am an avid reader so when I get the chance, I consume books at a ferocious rate. Part of the joy of living in Scotland is being able to get away to the mountains when the weather lets you, I enjoy the chance to escape the city so easily.

Look out for Simon when you’re next in the office or at our next event!


If you have any questions about career opportunities at Murphy Wealth, please contact our team at: team@murphywealth.co.uk or give us a ring on 0141 221 5353.  


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