Simply Wealth App

Simply Wealth is a service provided by Murphy Wealth and powered by moneyinfo that gives you a complete picture of your financial life. Think of it as your digital financial filing cabinet. All of your investments, savings, pensions, insurances, banking, credit cards and property can be tracked together with all of the associated paperwork. One place for everything financial.

The Simply Wealth app can help you with:

  • From a single investment to an extensive investment portfolio; Simply Wealth makes it easy to understand how your investments are doing with daily valuations, share and fund prices.
  • Tracking your income and spending on your credit cards and bank accounts. Automatically categorising each transaction so you can see how much you are spending on bills, your property or eating out, and how this is changing over time.
  • Comparing your spending to your income and visualising how much you can save over time, helping you achieve your financial goals.
  • Tracking your property value against the Land Registry price index and storing all of your important documents, including your insurance certificates against the property to which they relate. Simplifying finding the information when you need it most.
  • Making better financial decisions and answering questions such as; Can I afford to buy my house? Am I saving enough towards my retirement? When can I retire?
  • Having all of your financial information in one place. Not only providing you with peace of mind, but imagine if something were to happen to you… Wouldn’t it be nice to know that all of your financial information would be accessible to your partner or dependants?

The Simply Wealth app makes understanding and keeping track of your money both easy and safe and is only available to clients of Murphy Wealth. If you don't already have access to your own Simply Wealth account, contact the team at for your access details.

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